Ph.D. Candidate | Instructor
Georgia Tech | School of Architecture 


METU Fall’12-15
Basic Design is the foundational studio in the architectural curriculum at the Middle East Technical University. The main objective of the studio is to prepare first-year students to architectural design and introduce them to the studio culture by establishing the fundamental skills of design thinking and design exploration. The students explored organization, form, and space using a variety of design elements and materials. The formal and tectonic characteristics of design are placed into the focus. The experimental techniques of design thinking and making are emphasized.

I played an active role in restructuring the curriculum and creating studio exercises and assignments. In addition to teaching the studio, I also taught a Graphic Communication course that complemented and enhanced the design studio curriculum.


GaTech Spring’22
This foundational studio in architecture aims to provide essential skills for deliberate and iterative architectural design processes. The course broadens students’ understanding of form, craftsmanship, circulation, spatial experience, and the articulate crafting of both interior and exterior spaces.

Projects encompass studies in light, materials, textures, structural elements, and the effects of proportion, scale, and site interactions. To develop visual literacy and proficiency in architectural representation, students engage with a variety of media. The curriculum includes training in both two and three dimensions, employing traditional techniques such as hand drawing and physical modeling, alongside an introduction to digital tools. Course Objectives:

  • Fostering visual thinking skills.
  • Enhancing independent research capabilities and analytical skills.
  • Promoting iterative workflows that integrate both traditional and digital techniques effectively.
  • Implementing fundamental principles of form, organization, and environmental context.

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School of Architecture
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