Ph.D. Candidate | Instructor
Georgia Tech | School of Architecture 


A Space of Metamorphosis
Digital Fabrication Techniques Spring’15

Vitruvius asserts that a structure must have the qualities of ‘utilitas’, ‘firmitas’, and ‘venustas’ in his treatise De Architectura. Regarding the Vitruvian triad, a strong analogy can be drawn between architecture and cocoon, which is the concept of the term project.

Cocoon is a space of metamorphosis. It is constructed by the host organisms for the purpose of creating a temporary shelter for undergoing transformation. It provides a protected space from environmental conditions and enemies.

Cocoon is a multilayered structure. It is composed of layers of fibers, which are organized in a hierarchical structure. Cocoons may have various physical qualities, tough or soft, opaque or translucent, solid or mesh like, etc.

Cocoon has its own authentic form. Its formal qualities may vary in a wide range starting from perfect oval form to amorphous forms. It has an adaptable form to the needs of the organisms and environmental conditions.

Within the scope of this course, architectural features of cocoon, such as its special, formal, structural and material qualities, will be studied.  While this project focuses on the ‘metamorphosis’as a concept, spatial and structural features of cocoon will be analyzed and translated into the digital medium.

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